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Woodbury, MN


Wallpaper Removal

Removing old wallpaper can be a hassle. Not only does the decorative part of the paper have to come off but the paper backing, if any, must be removed as well. If you are going to paint the wall, the paste has to be removed also. I have many years of experience in removing different kinds of wallpaper.

When you receive a quote you will see a range in the price ($100.00-250.00). It is hard to give you a definite price until I know how the wallpaper will come off. The range in price is to cover us from any 'hidden' damage to the sheetrock; and to cover the customer for over-paying for something that was relatively easy to take off.

Staining and Painting Woodwork

I also have experience in staining and painting new and old trim, doors, kitchen cabinets, etc. When painting previously stained woodwork, preparation is the key. We sand the existing varnish to scuff-up the finish. This allows the new paint to have something to adhere to. Then we wipe off all the dust and typically use two coats of a primer. After sanding the primed woodwork, at least two coats of the finish product are applied.