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Woodbury, MN
Woodbury, MN
Roseville, MN

Roseville, MN
We painted a few of the interior rooms in their house as well as a screened in porch and the whole exterior of their home.

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Exterior Scheduling

Weather has a big impact on scheduling. When scheduling exterior jobs in the spring and the fall, I need the low temperature to be above 35 F for two consecutive days after the paint is applied. Because paint consists of water, if the temp drops below that before it has dried good, the paint will fail. Due to this, I try not to schedule jobs too early in the Spring and too late in the Fall. For any job that is scheduled in October, I tell that customer that there is a chance, if the weather gets cold, I may have to do the job the following spring. I would rather postpone a job until the spring than paint a customers house and have the paint fail and then have to come back and paint it in the spring again anyway. Better safe than sorry.

Power Washing

Before every exterior painting or staining job, I will power wash what ever it is that is to be painted or stained. This is done to make sure that the surfaces are clean from dust and dirt or any loose paint or stain. This includes newly sided homes. I feel that this is a very important step in giving the customer the best possible paint job.

Once the surfaces are dry from the power washing, the next step is to caulk where needed and scrape anything that the power washing loosened but didn't remove.